TETRA GAMMA CIRCULAIRE #3 An informative floppy session

Tetra Gamma Circulaire #3 is travelling now as an open floppy platform. First station is at Pinkie Bowtie Antwerp where we will introduce the TGC#3 in its entity as an unknown music magazine and point out its specific features by demonstrating the floppy works which are already in the collection. By travelling with TGC#3 we aim to expand the floppy collection of it and focus on experimental ways of publishing. For the Pinkie Bowtie session we invited Antwerp related artists to contribute to the project. So far Evelin Brosi. AMVK and JODI will show up to get informed on matters and will start to produce their floppy for the collection from there. The meeting is open for public who is interested in experimental ways of publishing or just like to hang out in a ambiance of artistic nouveauté.


Sunday 15.10.2017 – 3pm