NOBODY WILL GET HURT (OR BORED) Vaast Colson, Peter Fengler, Dennis Tyfus

During the first ever Letterenhuisfestival Vaast Colson, Peter Fengler, and Dennis Tyfus will each examine text and language in their practice trough performance. Expect some serious business as well as frivolous philosophy and gossip, archives drenched in synthetic materials or poetry so robust that the sixties and seventies pale in comparison. Passersby and accidental visitors will be entertained and placed in language. Nobody gets hurt (or bored)!


Dennis Tyfus “Lerend Lezen, desnoods zonder brul, en niet eens zelf”


Peter Fengler “PING PONG” (Re-enactment Stephan Bloth 1978) and “DE VROUW” (CLHVN 2007-2017)


Vaast Colson “Watermeloen”


In collaboration with Letterenhuis