“They had a swimming pool… And it was the end of August. And, I had to swim! And I jumped out of the line and I dove into the swimming pool and I swam across the pool and I came out, and somehow nobody shot me!
You know, you do foolish things when you are young and I never thought about it, that it would endanger my life, I just had to swim. It was hot and I had to swim”

Pinkie Bowtie is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Meriton Maloku.
Thursday, 12 December at 19:00

Open every Saturday and Sunday from 14 to 18h
14/12 until 29/12

Meriton Maloku (Kosovo) lives and works between Antwerp and Prishtina. He studied fine arts in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and has a master degree fine arts. His research is mainly focused in politics, philosophy and art history itself. Usually he works with repetitiveness, play and a glimpse of humor from time to time.He works within different disciplines, his main concern always being the space between the viewer and the work.