Austrian based Albert Mayr’s approach is properly described as expanded sculpture, being an artist’s articulation in space, matter and form. His artistic alter ego jonnyhawaii easily crosses the borderlines drawn between spatial installation and sound. In his work he often points out the ambiguity and abitrariness of things: the ordinary easily functions as extraordinary, the functional as the dysfunctional, or functional differently; certainty of things and beliefs is suspended, or rather replaced by a will to experiment with the potentiallities and flexibility of our choices.
Drop Studies:
Three wooden box-shaped sculptures, each consisting of a container of water, an infusion hose and a seemingly random selection of metal and plastic items—cans, cups, bottles etc. There is an empty watertank affixed to the bottom of every structure.
The sculptures are equipped with piezo microphones which are plugged into amplifiers.
The hose pipes the water fromthe tank, wich at certain intervals drips onto the mic’d items. the water than cascades onto the next item and so on, until it finally collects in the empty water tank.