UP- AND DOWNGRADES (PT. 1) Dennis Tyfus


For his first solo exhibition at Pinkie Bowtie, Dennis Tyfus is going back to basics. Using the age-old tradition of the self portrait, he draws a pathetic yet whimsical tale of daily life and the mundane annoyances that befall him. These inconsequential frustrations are offset by bright and poppy colours, resulting in a deceptively cheerful set of drawings, luring you in.


Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, 1979) is known for an oeuvre that is difficult to categorize. It grows out of the things he finds important and results in a practice that is unceasing. Ranging from drawings, paintings, installations, video’s to magazines and books (published & distributed under his own label Ultra Eczema) to music, vinyl record productions and radio shows on air at Radio Centraal.


Vernissage: april 12th 2017, 5pm